18 May MVG Links – Evolve


See the artist that turns garbage into incredible works of coral-like art. (Colossal)

Get it Done

Discover five easy ways to defeat procrastination. (Creative Blog)

Remove Distractions

Learn expert editing tips from photographer Steve McCurry. (PetaPixel)


Explore the scientific reasons why you should be reading books more often. (Inc.)

Glowing Beaches

Read about the stunning bioluminescent algae covering San Diego’s beaches. (Creative Boom)


Around the World in Chocolate Bars (Culture Trip)

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11 May MVG Links – Dazzle

Mother’s Day

Find the classy and functional gift every mom wants on Mother’s Day! (New York Times)


Meet the artist that compiled thousands of photographs from social media to create a beautiful representation of Paris. (PetaPixel)

Be Present

In a world dominated by screens, learn effective tips for getting someone to listen without the distraction of their smart phone. (Fast Company)

Digital Design

See eleven artists’ mesmerizing art created using a tablet. (Creative Blog)

Captivating Careers

Explore the twenty most enjoyable careers you can still make a living off of. (Lifehack)

A Rare Find

Read about a young boy’s discovery of an ancient fossil. (Inhabit)


Making Butter Biscuits (A Love Of Dogs)

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27 Apr MVG Links – Wonders

Planet Earth

This series of experimental, off-angle images captures some of the world’s most stunning vertical features. (Medium)

Alien Mothership

Four robots and months of planning lead to the first 3D printed bridge in the world, which looks otherworldly! (Gizmodo)

I Can

Watch this two-year-old drummer nail this song and his mini solo. (Mashable)


This year’s Salone del Mobile furniture festival showcased micro-kitchen concepts that will make you want one. (CoDesign)

Daily Intake

See how little it takes to reach your daily caloric intake at some of the most popular fast food places. (Business Insider)


Leaf Identification (Red Rover Camping)

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20 Apr MVG Links – Strengthen


An ex-Nike designer helps empower young kids through his new sneaker company’s unique goal. (CoDesign)

A Box Of Snickers

See the kind, odd and hilarious ways these TIME 100 Honorees spent their first big paychecks. (Time)


This artist paints stunning, photorealistic images that capture every detail of his subjects. (My Modern Met)

Mothers And Daughters

Yeti’s short film inspires through the sheer power of story using an Icelandic mother-daughter duo. (Fast Company)

Small Spaces

If you live in a small apartment or home or just want to have more space to move around, check out these helpful storage tips. (Buzzfeed)


Reduce Stress (Health And Fitness Blog)

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13 Apr MVG Links – Connections


Hundreds of thousands of inspired photographers from around the globe submitted images to the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards, and these are a few of the dazzling winners. (Creative Boom)


Watch cognitive researchers from Johns Hopkins University explain why so many cannot identify what a lowercase G looks like. (Design Taxi)


Even when life is hectic, here are a few simple ways you can change the world by integrating philanthropy in your daily life! (Fast Company)


See the serene and stunning images of water that anyone would love to make their new phone background. (BuzzFeed)

Queen Bee

A Scottish woman rescued a wingless bumble bee, and their resulting friendship will warm your heart. (The Dodo)


The Miracle Drink (Mommyonpurpose)

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06 Apr MVG Links – Experiment

AI Art

One man creates fun, visual experiments that double as art and push the limits of deep learning and artificial intelligence. (Gizmodo)


This photographer has captured the energy of some of the Big Apple’s favorite tourist spots as images of dazzling neon lights. (Creative Boom)

363 Days Of Tea

A morning cup of tea and curiosity lead to an artist’s year-long journey of creating whimsical art using dried tea bags. (Lost At E Minor)

Pastry Parenthood

If you’re looking for a new culinary challenge, learn how to become a proud parent of pastry cream with an expert’s guidance and recipe! (The Take Out)

Netflix Sans

The Netflix design team developed a bespoke typeface that minimizes distraction while discreetly borrowing from existing equity. (Design Taxi)


Video Is Taking Over (E-Learning Infographics)

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30 Mar MVG Links – Rarity


America’s most remote roads often have the most beautiful scenery, and these routes are no exception. (Geotab)


Discover the crazy stories behind the Harvard Art Museums’ rare pigment collection. (FastCoDesign)


Researchers solved the mystery behind a mummified, thought-to-be ‘alien’ that holds keys to some genetic-based bone diseases. (CNN)


A radiant and rare work by van Gogh is being auctioned after hanging in Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel Air living room for over 50 years. (Architectural Digest)


One photographer uses an arduous process to document stunning images of the Valley of Kings. (CNN)


A look at the daily lives of these office dogs is sure to make you smile! (Buzzfeed)


Mindset In Learning (E-Learning Infographics)

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23 Mar MVG Links – Inspired


One Japanese chef found his inner artist through slicing intricate designs and patterns into food. (Atlas Obscura)

Follow The Arches

McDonald’s is using its golden arches to draw customers in in a clever new way. (Design Taxi)


With the 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year contest coming up, take a look at some of last year’s favorites. (National Geographic)

Retro Mars

See how NASA is pulling inspiration from old design to reach out to a future generation of Martian explorers. (Motherboard)

Real Or Fake

Take this quiz to determine how well you know these famous logos! (Design Taxi)


Famous Eyewear (Daily Infographic)

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16 Mar MVG Links – Movement

Raindrop Blues

Inspired by a blues song, this Italian photographer’s beautiful and dreamlike images are shown through raindrops. (Creative Boom)

A Guide To Innovation

Take a look at the most innovative companies and what exciting information you can glean to guide you through 2018. (Fast Company)

Adorable Combinations

An illustrator combined the beloved Calvin & Hobbes with Star Wars, and the results are as adorable as they are comedic! (Bored Panda)

King Of Cocktails

See how the strong and bittersweet taste of a once forgotten cocktail is now reshaping city bars! (Business Insider)

The First Follower

Watch a lone nut become a leader and learn what the understated role of the first follower is in relation to broader lessons in leadership. (TED)


Essential Vitamins (AHealthBlog)

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09 Mar MVG Links – Alteration


Viewers of the 90th annual Oscars ceremony took to the internet to express their obsession with the bold, new envelope designed to deter mixups. (Time)

Sans-Serif Similarity

Discover why some of the most well-known brands have such similar logos. (CoDesign)

Time Capsule

A record-breaking 131-year-old bottle washed up on the shores of Australia, and it contained a message dating back to the 1800s! (PaleoFuture)

A Powerful Tool

Find out about all the incredibly helpful, yet little known, features and shortcuts that Google Maps has to offer. (Fast Company)

47-Foot Home

See how one family of 5 sold all their belongings to live full time on a boat, sailing around the world! (Business Insider)


Academy Award-Winning Costumes (Daily Infographic)

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