25 Jun Made for Life

Made for Life

Mountain View has worked closely with Stickley on broadcast TV, radio and print work that help build and promote the brand while effectively communicating the vision, values, and culture of the company.

These new spots focus on the American craftsmanship and multi-generational stay-power of Stickley’s furniture. They also focus on the life moments that happen in a home, from a toddler blowing out birthday candles, to a mother placing a turkey on a table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Stickley Story 853

Stickley Story 729

Stickley Story 335

Stickley Story 92

View our other commercial campaigns here.

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05 May “Yes, of course we can”

The film is a synthesis of images and voices that work together to present a human, cutting-edge, thought-provoking overview of Raytheon.”

Why the video?
Raytheon had recently appointed a new CEO and subsequently revised and updated their vision and values. The leadership team wanted a stirring video that would officially launch Raytheon’s newly revised value system while overviewing the people, vision, and global breadth of the company. The piece was first debuted at the 2015 Key Leadership Conference, and then shared company-wide.

It’s all in the details
The film is a synthesis of images and voices that work together to present a human, cutting-edge, thought-provoking overview of Raytheon. They interweave throughout the piece in a way that allows the story to flow between each of these elements.

The design element
Transitional graphics were designed to emulate the geometry of Raytheon letters. This gives a sense of depth to the piece as we dive into the company’s different business units, technology, and employees through a layer of letters. Using the letterforms as graphic elements also adds a subliminal branding to the piece.

How we did it
In order to execute this complex piece within the timeframe, we took a multi-tasking team approach to the production. While one team was shooting original hero photography on location at Raytheon’s facilities in Tucson and LA, another team was culling through vast existing resources to find the best examples of Raytheon technology, and a third team was dedicated to building an engaging story from hundreds of employee audio interviews. For the soundtrack, we worked with Atlanta composer John Roberts to craft an original score.

After an intense several weeks, the project was delivered on time and was received with applause and fanfare by our clients at Raytheon.

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02 Apr The Power of Design

“Brands cannot compete with the frenzy of culture that exists today. The only way to be heard, is for a brand to be integrated into each piece of the noise, so in the cacophony, the unifying element is your brand.”

– Joe Tripodi, Former CMO, The Coca-Cola Company

How does MVG assist successful brands like Coca-Cola in maintaining a powerful brand presence across multiple platforms? The key is to approach each project with a business solution in mind, using design in the service of the strategy and staying true to a brand’s core identity. This is our definition of smart design.

Smart design leverages all visual aspects of a brand. Using these elements and assets to create a language that embeds a brand into every part of its messaging. Design should play a significant role in creating strong, unified brand storytelling. It’s what remains consistent across platforms, whether the content is for TV, YouTube, Facebook or iPad. Design touches everything we do, and when executed well, design becomes an extension of a brand – smart, right?

At MVG, we take this approach to all the design work we do. We are problem-solvers using any relevant medium to tell our customers story: filmmaking and animation; traditional print and collateral; logo/identity development; executive presentations; digital/mobile and app design. In our eyes, the medium isn’t as important as the foundational idea. Being smart about design enables us to create hard-working assets that we can creatively adapt to any medium, while staying true to a message and a brand.

Smart design makes complex information easier to understand. It structures and simplifies your content, making it more interesting and more engaging to your audience. Design is the glue that holds integrated messaging together. Below, please find examples of work by the MVG design team that reflects these design truths.

For our complete portfolio, visit our design page.

GE Capital: Leading from the Middle

Working with 2D design elements provided by the client, MVG created a suite of dynamic, animated 3D graphics for use as interstitials, infographics and transitions.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”27″ gal_title=”0000_gecap”]


Auritt Communications Group: DC Power Pro

Here, the MVG team created a handcrafted exploration of the history of AC vs. DC power. The whimsical design intended to be engaging towards a younger audience, while also keeping dense information interesting.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”28″ gal_title=”3653_auritt_abb_dcpower”]


The Coca-Cola Company: Journey To A Shared Value

For the CMO of Coca-Cola’s presentation at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, we took the concept of graphic facilitation to the street by using graffiti artists to paint the graphics. The presentation consisted of 40 videos that included live action, 3D compositing and motion graphics.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”31″ gal_title=”Design E-Blast Coke”]


Interval International App Design 

Complete redesign of this International time-share agency’s iOS apps as part of their MVG-led rebranding.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”30″ gal_title=”0000_interval”]


The Coca-Cola Company: The Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau was created to ensure that an integrated, coordinated message was delivered by top-level executives when addressing external audiences. This print brochure includes information on the individual speakers and their general topics and themes. When unfolded, a die cut silhouette of the Coke bottle is revealed, adding a surprising feel and dimension to the brochure.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”32″ gal_title=”4085_tccc_speakersbureau_brochure”]

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16 Mar MVG Wins Big!

MVG Wins Big!


Mountain View Group and its client partners were recently honored for their creative communications work at several awards competitions including the MarCom, LACP, and Telly Awards. The award-winning entries exemplified the breath of Mountain View’s capabilities, with winners including design-driven digital content, internal communication videos, and strategic brand manifestos. See some of our award-winning entries below!


GE P&W KOSPO Customer Sketch Video – Gold MarCom Award


High Museum Tuileries Exhibit Web Video – Silver LACP Spotlight Award


High Museum Dream Car Exhibit Video – Gold MarCom Award


Interval International ARDA Booth Video – Bronze LACP Spotlight & Gold MarCom Award


Interval Member Testimonials – Bronze Telly Award


Manheim’s All-Employee Meeting Gathering Vide – Gold LACP Spotlight & Gold MarCom Award


Coca-Cola Freestyle Launch Campaign – Platinum MarCom Award & Gold LACP Spotlight


Coke’s FIFA Powerade Social Media Video – Platinum LACP Spotlight Mention MarCom Award

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25 Feb MVG Welcomes New Staff!

MVG Welcomes New Staff!

Chasity Evans – Production Manager

Before joining the MVG team as Production Manager, Chasity graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and a concentration in Television. She has extensive experience doing both pre, pro and post production work on everything including feature films, television shoots, music videos, documentaries, and commercials.


Fun Facts: Chasity is responsible for all managerial aspects of production, from scheduling to budgeting. Has an extensive rock collection (yes, as in the physical object). If she ruled the world, “Visions” by Stevie Wonder would come true. Can’t live without two things: her family and 80-degree weather. Was once told “awesome work” with a genuine smile by the one and only Oprah Winfrey. Wishes she could travel 900 light-years from Earth to witness the coolest white dwarf star weighing in at a billion trillion, trillion pounds of crystallized carbon and oxygen (or in other words, the Universe’s largest diamond humans have witnessed). Campaign slogan if she ran: “No worries, consider it done.”

What I Like Best about MVG: “The edgy experience of working on new projects.”


Chloé Demeunynck – Associate Producer

Chloé is the new Associate Producer at Mountain View’s Atlanta office. After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology, she gained experience working in marketing and communications before joining the MVG team in 2015.


Fun Facts: Conducts client research and whips up strategically creative sentences. Believes that the first rule of content creation is to keep your head in the clouds. The second? The end product needs to stand up to the “5 Whys” test. Worked for a Canadian fashion designer that converted her to wearing strictly neutral colors. Is finally able to put her French language skills to use at MVG for translating scripts. Has a woman crush on Amal Clooney. Is still emotionally scarred from her eye-patch and headgear days. Her pet peeve: car blinkers kept on after turns. Is a descendent of two evidently non-conformist Monks.

What I like best about MVG: “The amount of in-depth research and creativity that goes into every project – big or small.”


Renée Whiten – Office Manager, Atlanta

Renée Whiten is currently the Office Manager in our Atlanta office. After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in TV, Radio, and Film Production, Renée worked on numerous shows including a TV travel show called “Escape”, Ed McMahon’s national show “Next Big Star”, and the PBS series “Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy”.


Fun Facts: Loves to take pictures and video of every moment of life, soaking in the sun, rollerblading, snow skiing, watching her hubby “live” on stage, and keeping her 3 little munchkins alive and happy. Once hosted a wedding show that aired on Pax TV, only to get fired for being pregnant. If she ruled the world, we would all grow our own fruits and vegetables free of toxins, pesticides, and food dye. Would buy lots of Talenti Gelato stock if she won a million dollars after she helped the poor. Her campaign slogan if she ran would be, “Love is all you need…and a little bit of money!”

What I Like Best About MVG: “The spectacular, über professional, out-of-this-world work that’s produced by this vast array of creative minds known as the MVG team!”


Hilary Harmon – Digital Marketing Specialist

Hilary is Mountain View’s savvy Digital Marketing Specialist. After receiving a B.S. in Communications, she went on to work in Public Relations and as a wedding planner before joining the MVG team.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.36.12 PM

Fun Facts: She schedules MVG social media posts and newsletters. Also monitors and creates new social platforms and helps with internal marketing projects. Likes to explore cool restaurants and shops around the city. Makes Tastemade videos for her favorite restaurants. If she ruled the world, traveling for leisure would be free. Is a first-generation college graduate. Was named after the movie Beaches, starring Bette Midler, in which her character dies. Once slipped on a perfectly waxed floor, only to then fall on a cupcake caddy that luged her through the school cafeteria.

What I Like Best about MVG: “All the creative energy floating around. Working with different creative types in a casual environment makes my job much easier. Plus, everyone has creative freedom so bouncing ideas off of each other is awesome.”

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30 Jul Freestyle Campaign

Coca-Cola Freestyle Campaign

Thousands of Coca-Cola Freestyle lovers were empowered to make and share their unique mixes by Mountain View’s creative storytelling and compelling cross-platform content.

App Trailer

To promote the new Coca-Cola Freestyle app, our core creative idea had to serve a few masters … but the primary goal was to drive app downloads and educate users as to where and how to use it.

We disguised an app demo as an entertaining, character-based love story to amuse and inform a target audience of millennials. We supported this asset and the creative idea with content for a multi-pronged marketing approach that included mobile ad-buys, influencer outreach, digital billboards and social media.

Digital Billboards


The result? Thousands of views and shares across social and mobile platforms and a highly successful app download rate.

Social Media

The lesson? Even the strongest creative ideas require supporting assets and a multi-tiered approach to reach an audience and spur action. MVG helped Coca-Cola Freestyle deliver on their campaign goals by creating content for distribution across digital and traditional platforms … making them work hard for the brand and stretching their earned reach.

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13 Jun Go Behind the Scenes of Powerade’s Largest World Cup Campaign

Go Behind the Scenes of Powerade’s Largest World Cup Campaign

Have you heard about Nico Calabria? He’s the breakout star of Powerade’s FIFA World Cup campaign, which tells the inspiring stories of young athletes from around the world as they power through obstacles both on and off the field.

We got to know Nico before he went viral when Powerade asked us to work on their largest-ever global activation. Working with footage originated by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, our creative team dove into content development and creative editorial for the campaign’s web series.

Click on the video below to watch some of our favorites.

“There’s Power in Purpose”
In this spot we drew the spiritual connection between Nico and pro-footballer Andres Iniesta. For Nico, his disability didn’t hold him back, but instead served as the motivation to achieve beyond what anyone expected and inspire those around him.

“Marcelo Powers Through on the Pitch”
Marcelo came close to losing his foot in a car accident. He was afraid he’d never play football again. But through determination, hard work, and love for the game, he powered through and found his way back to the pitch.

“Karlota Powers Through on the Pitch”
Karlota started playing football the same time she learned to walk. Through hardships, divorce, and family death, Karlota has used football to balance the weights of the world, overcome anxiety, and conquer her struggles.

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04 Jun El Conquistador Returns in our Latest Commercial Work

El Conquistador Returns in our Latest Commercial Work

In our digital and TV commercial campaign, ‘El Conquistador’ returns and finds present-day Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine both exotic and familiar.

Watch and discover how Florida’s history is not the same old story:

El Conquistador returns to St. Augustine and claims his territory.

El Conquistador shares some ancient architectural wisdom.

GDF SUEZ – Brussels, Belgium
El Conquistador misunderstands the roles of flags in modern life.

Created with MMGY Global for the St. Johns County Visitors & Convention Bureau.

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31 Mar Watch GE Power & Water’s Latest Web Series

Watch GE Power & Water’s Latest Web Series

GE recently launched its Distributed Power business, which provides businesses and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power. These innovative solutions are ready at or near the point of use, anytime, whether on the grid or off.

TgP – Lima, Peru
Two employees discover how Distributed Power is energizing the nation of Peru.

Houweling’s Tomatoes – Camarillo, California
Distributed Power is helping grow plump, delicious tomatoes year-round. 

GDF SUEZ – Brussels, Belgium
Even within an advanced grid, Distributed Power provides cheap, reliable steam and electricity to industrial customers.

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – London, United Kingdom
Two venerable hospitals are saving $3 million per year using Distributed Power.

Songas – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
When the rains don’t come, Distributed Power is there to meet crucial electricity demand.

Tianue – Xuzhou, China
Distributed Power is helping to balance a country’s tremendous growth with the need to look after the environment.

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14 Jan Helping the High Museum Bring Paris to Peachtree

Helping the High Museum Bring Paris to Peachtree

Here’s our web video promoting the Tuileries Exhibition at the High:

We jumped at the chance to help promote the High Museum of Art’s special exhibition, “The Art of the Louvre’s Tuileries Garden.” Riffing off the “Paris to Peachtree” idea, we opted to bring one of the statues to life and have him explore some of Atlanta’s iconic locales.

The exhibition is open to the public through January 19, so stop by if you’re in Atlanta. Tell them Hippomenes sent you!

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