Executive Presentation Design

Four years of internal and external executive presentation design.

Graphic design in support of Executive Presentations. This is a selection of work developed over the past 4 years in support of internal and external executive presentations for The Coca-Cola Company.


The Story

“Sustainability is a space we’re only starting to define. It’s both value system and a business model. And sustainability has to be more than an aspirational message, it has to have roots in the basic purpose of who we are. Sustainability has to be cultivated and proliferated, so when it becomes engrained in a certain aspect of how we do things, it can quickly spread to somewhere new, quickly affect change, and have visible impact on our future.

At The Coca-Cola Company we have made a strong commitment to being a Sustainable organization; a commitment to have an increasingly positive impact on people and our planet.

As we evolve with our marketplace, as we redesign how we function and how we operate, we are doing so with increased mandates for sustainable practices in everything we do. We’re committed to being accountable for that agenda, always striving to incorporate big ideas into our daily rhythm and routine, so sustainability is not an addendum to how we operate, but a center of excellence in everything that we do.

The Coca-Cola Company has an incredible story, a rich history full of powerful and personal moments that span across generations and continents. The scope and scale of our company gives us the ability to be transformative in our world, empowering people, supporting communities, and improving the environment for tomorrow.”

The Business

Vision 2020

This film was created to provide context to and visually support CEO Muhtar Kent’s Vision 2020 strategy. Built with iconic imagery of Coca-Cola products and conceptual images representing the rapidly changing global marketplace, the film was a companion piece to Mr. Kent’s presentations.