Coca-Cola Freestyle “Tasteface!”

Lead creative agency* for a campaign designed to create awareness and drive downloads of the Coca-Cola Freestyle app.

*Partner Agencies: 360i, SMG

The Project

The Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain now has a companion mobile technology, the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, that transforms the process of mixing over 100+ beverage tastes by making it precisely personal and socially sharable. Currently, this free app will be available nationwide for a May and June 2014 test period.

The app puts the magical and innocent quality of the Coca-Cola Freestyle brand into the hands of consumers, inviting them to mix, connect with the machine, and share their drink creations on their mobile devices. It drives a new and powerful brand engagement experience. The app adds a 21st century digital dimension to Coca-Cola Freestyle. The digital flavor equations that people mix in the app are specific, personal, sharable, and repeatable.


Different Flavor Combinations

Liquid Idea

#tasteface. A squirt of this, a splash of that, it just might be your masterpiece drink combination. And it might not be, yielding a taste experience you’d only give to your little brother Mikey. Either way, it is your unique creation. When you taste it, what you get in return, is a #tasteface

Unique Selling Proposition

It is individual experimentation, expression, and fun. The app creates a means for storytelling, encouraging consumers to share their drink mixes, and express their taste with a reaction… a refreshing smile, a wide-eyed excitement, a “yummm.” These reactions are captured in a #tasteface… a selfie representing that magic moment of first taste.

Business Objectives

Creative Awareness

Create awareness of the CCF mobile app and drive people to download it

Encourage Engagement

Encourage consumers to engage with the app, experimenting with different drink combinations.

Promote the Technology

Connecting your mobile phone to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is a new and fun beverage fountain experience.

Inspire People

Inspire people to share the experience with friends and family, posting and tweeting mixes and #tasteface selfies across social networks.

The Summary

Campaign was designed to highlight Coca-Cola Freestyle as an enabler of personal expression, individual choice, and shareable experiences. Mix and match your favorite flavors on the app, and express you individual mix with your #tasteface. Campaign deliverables included creative guidelines, web spot, photography, OOH billboards, digital ads, vine video series, social media content, influencer and ambassador guidelines and copy points.