The Creative Brief: A Vital Connection between Creative Strategies and Business Objectives

13 Jun The Creative Brief: A Vital Connection between Creative Strategies and Business Objectives

Whether you work for a company or an agency, you’ve likely been exposed to the creative brief process. And we at Mountain View are strong advocates for this.

Why? Because the creative brief is your secret weapon.

The skinny.

What is a creative brief?
A document created through initial meetings, interviews and discussions between the client and the creative before work begins. Throughout the project, the creative brief continues to inform and guide all work.

It’s an agreement between you and your client on the creative direction of the project. It gives the production, creative, or communications team a structured approach to the project, and serves as a reference point for anything from what your key messages are, to what you want your audience to ultimately think, feel, and do.

“Just as you would never begin a construction project without a blueprint, a creative project should never start without a clear plan,” says Cassidy Herrold, Art Director at Mountain View Group. “The creative brief is the blueprint that defines the project scope and is one of the most valuable tools in the design process, providing the vital connection between creative strategies and business objectives. Throughout the design process, the team will compare the creative direction to the creative brief and ask themselves, ‘Are we hitting the mark?’”

The more time you put in outlining and detailing the brief with your client in advance of the work, the better the outcome will be. And don’t get us wrong – a strong brief will definitely take some upfront research for both parties, but that’s more cost-effective—and efficient—than using up resources down the road.

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