CSM Bakery Solutions

CSM Bakery Solutions reached out to Mountain View Group after they recently combined four of their global operating companies under one roof, becoming one of the largest bakery solutions providers in the industry.

The Challenge

As with any company undergoing such a large organizational change, CSM had to consequently refresh and reposition their brand, which included everything from their visual identity, messaging, and their internal/external communications.

As you can imagine, this is no small feat for such a global company like CSM that owns a large portfolio of brands. This is when Mountain View was called in to help articulate their new messaging and ultimately bring their vision to life.

The results?

Mountain View has served as their go-to creative agency for a host of projects that range from designing interactive product brochures, developing brand standards, producing a series videos for their 2016 sales meeting, and most recently, designing an interactive display screen for the lobby of CSM’s new headquarters, just to name a few. Below are just a few of the projects that our creative team worked on to support CSM on their exciting journey.

The Work

Branded Environment

Utilizing graphic and three-dimensional design, we created engaging branded environments that connects the CSM story with their employees, vendors and clients to make a meaningful and lasting impression.

Interactive App

CSM Bakery Solutions recently renovated their new headquarters space in Sandy Springs. Outside the Customer Experience Center, there is a small waiting area for guests which featured an 84-inch touchscreen monitor. Mountain View Group designed and developed an interactive app, which provided an inviting, interactive experience for users. The interactive app offers the opportunity to engage with the CSM brand, to inform users about CSM, and to entertain users.

Clean Label

The project was to create a visual indicator for the communication of product benefits/attributes on packaging, selling materials, and POP for “clean label” items within multiple product categories and across multiple brands.

The checkmark icon consists of two elements: the clean leaf circle and the clean check. In most instances, the checkmark icon will be paired with descriptive nomenclature, which will vary from market to market depending on regulatory requirements. The flexible icon and nomenclature system allows you to pair the icon with phrasing that is most appropriate for your market, while using consistent rounded tables that can be scaled depending on word length. The product claims system is designed to handle multiple claims, many different ways depending on the final usage.

Recruitment Video

Brand Hierarchy & Visual Systems

Monthly Infographic