Journey to Shared Value

Coca-Cola CMO Joe Tripodi needed to stand out from the crowd during Cannes.

We designed a presentation that did just that,

resulting in 8 million impressions across the web and in print.

The Challenge

If you’re going to give a presentation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a typical executive PowerPoint simply won’t do. The Coca-Cola Company called on Mountain View Group to develop a presentation that would visually articulate the themes and concepts behind their marketing strategy of creating shared value for their global market. As a result, we set out to produce a cinematic and impactful presentation about marketing in a world “where the mob rules.”


million impressions worldwide

The Solution

The creative MVG developed centered around the concept of “artful facilitation,” which manifested itself as a moving tapestry of street art. This told the Coca-Cola marketing story in a world where consumers promote brands more than any company is able.

MVG wrote the supporting copy for the presentation, designed the Coca-Cola artwork, and then worked with street artists to paint the designs multiple real world industrial locations across Atlanta.

Actors were filmed against multiple backdrops of graffiti, which highlighted Coke’s marketing intiatives. Part of the presentation was created in digital 3-D, so the actors were also shot against green screen in order to be layered into these virtual environments.


mentions across the web

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The event generated over 3,000 mentions across the web, most of which came from news sites (27 percent) and Twitter (62 percent). The event trended on Twitter in the Online Media and Food & Beverages categories, and received mentions from “High Authority” users like Fast Company, Adobe, AdWeek, and the CEO of AKQA. Twitter alone generated nearly 8 million impressions, with Facebook adding another 27,000.