MVG Links – Movement

16 Mar MVG Links – Movement

Raindrop Blues

Inspired by a blues song, this Italian photographer’s beautiful and dreamlike images are shown through raindrops. (Creative Boom)

A Guide To Innovation

Take a look at the most innovative companies and what exciting information you can glean to guide you through 2018. (Fast Company)

Adorable Combinations

An illustrator combined the beloved Calvin & Hobbes with Star Wars, and the results are as adorable as they are comedic! (Bored Panda)

King Of Cocktails

See how the strong and bittersweet taste of a once forgotten cocktail is now reshaping city bars! (Business Insider)

The First Follower

Watch a lone nut become a leader and learn what the understated role of the first follower is in relation to broader lessons in leadership. (TED)


Essential Vitamins (AHealthBlog)