Raytheon — Safer Place

When the world’s leading aerospace and defense company came to us and asked for a brand overview film to be developed, produced and edited in less than 6 weeks, MVG’s fearless cast of corporate film veterans replied, “yes, of course we can”.

Why the Video?

Raytheon had recently appointed a new CEO and subsequently revised and updated their vision and values. The leadership team wanted a stirring video that would open the 2015 Key Leadership Conference and also serve to officially launch Raytheon’s newly revised value system while overviewing the people, vision, and global breadth of the company. The piece was first debuted at the 2015 Key Leadership Conference, and then shared company-wide.

It’s All in the Details

The film is a synthesis of images and voices that work together to present a human, cutting-edge, thought-provoking overview of Raytheon. They interweave throughout the piece in a way that allows the story to flow between each of these elements.

The Design Element

Transitional graphics were designed to emulate the geometry of Raytheon letters. This gives a sense of depth to the piece as we dive into the company’s different business units, technology, and employees through a layer of letters. Using the letterforms as graphic elements also adds a subliminal branding to the piece.


week deadline

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How We Did It

In order to execute this complex piece within the timeframe, we took a multi-tasking team approach to the production. While one team was shooting original hero photography on location at Raytheon’s facilities in Tucson and LA, another team was culling through vast existing resources to find the best examples of Raytheon technology, and a third team was dedicated to building an engaging story from hundreds of employee audio interviews. For the soundtrack, we worked with Atlanta composer John Roberts to craft an original score. After an intense several weeks, the project was delivered on time and was received with applause and fanfare by our clients at Raytheon.

The Result? After over 100 employee interviews, 169 editing hours, and a team of 11 producers, editors, music composers, and graphic designers, this was our final product…