We are a collective of inspired individuals with a complementary blend of styles & skills.

We are amazingly passionate, with a deft business sense and unorthodox creative chops, set out to connect people through moving communications in a way that matters most to them —





We have spent over 30 years crafting exceptional brand experiences. We bring clarity to brands with stories and expressions that are crisp, compelling and authentic. Our boutique size allows us to operate with speed, efficiency and laser-like focus. We are quick, nimble, and tenaciously passionate about every assignment we touch. We tailor our teams and our approach to the needs of each individual project. And, oh yes, we are very nice people. People you will actually enjoy working with. Really.


Everything we do is anchored by a collaborative problem-solving foundation. We believe focused creativity inspires and ignites change. Our motivation is to move our clients’ business forward.




We don’t chase awards. But in the course of creating expertly crafted, results-driven stories for our clients, we have received our fair share of recognition – in gold, silver and Lucite.


Awards or so…but who’s counting?

ABA Stevie Awards | Addy Awards | AIBC Golden Flames | AIME – ITVA | American Corporate Video Awards | American Film and Video Awards | AFL-CIO | Aurora Awards | AVA Awards | Axiem Awards | British Medical Association Film and Video Corporation | Chicago International Television Competition | Chris Awards | Cindy Awards | CINE Awards | Communicator Awards | Create Awards | Creativity Awards | Davey Awards | Eclat Awards | Flame Awards | Freddie Awards | Galaxy | IABC Awards | i-NOVA Awards | Intercom Awards | New York International Film & Video Festival | Joey Awards | John Muir Award | LACP Spotlight Awards | MarCom Creative | Mercury Awards | Monitor Awards | National Educational Film and Video Festival | National Juvenile Justice Award | Ad Club “NORI” Awards | Pixie Awards | Questar Awards | Service Industry Advertising Awards | Show South | Society for Technical Communications | Summit Awards | Telly Awards | The Globals | The New York Festivals | US International Film and Video Festival | Videographer Award | Vision Awards | WorldFest


Our process is collaborative, fluid, and highly responsive. We embrace every opportunity to listen to our clients and adapt our teams to their distinct, evolving needs.

  • Insights

    We don’t start with concepts. We begin with needs and objectives. That means asking the right questions. This is our discovery phase – a unique exploratory process that exposes issues and defines goals. We drill down through the obvious answers to the core communications challenges.

  • Strategy

    Armed with real data, we develop a strategy to establish the desired outcome and devise a means to get there. We work closely with our clients to develop content and an authentic experience that is unexpected and moves consumers to engage.

  • Creativity

    To truly touch hearts and minds, we must involve the audience in a story. Regardless of the platform, the creative is launched with flawless execution designed to engage, inspire, and create a personal experience that achieves results.

  • Integration

    Our goal is to help clients build marketing assets and strategies that work as a unified force across all channels – from digital to social to traditional. For us, success means reaching the right people at the right time on the right platform.

  • Measure

    Our proprietary outcome measurement tools assess the collective impact of all marketing efforts. The result is more proactive planning and greater accountability for your marketing dollars.



Brand & Campaign Architecture | Visual Storytelling | Digital & Content Marketing | Design


• Corporate Communications
• Documentary, Broadcast, and Web
• TV Commercials


• Messaging Framework
• Communication Planning
• Creative Problem Solving


• Branding and Logos
• Visual Orientation
• Web Design


• Digital Content Development
• Social Media Campaigns
• SEO & Analytics


• Articulation of Mission / Vision
• Visualization Amplification
• Integration Across Platforms


• Theming
• Environmental Design
• Interstitials and Content Delivery


To us, a client is a partner. Period.

We serve Fortune 500 brands, mid-cap businesses, educational institutions, government, and non-profits. In every case, we strive for the smartest solutions and most successful outcomes, regardless of size or budget.

Below are some of the partners we’ve been honored to work with:

Current clients are invited to visit the CLIENT ZONE for exclusive, password-protected access to project schedules, video, scripts, and more.

3M Corporation
Albany Medical Center
America’s Job Bank
Atlanta Food & Wine Festival
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Brigham Young University
Capital District Physicians Health Plan
Central Atlanta Progress
Century 21
The Coca-Cola Company
The College of Saint Rose
Collegiate Licensing Corporation
Corteva Agrisciences
Cox Automotive
CSM Bakery Solutions / Brill
Family Dollar
Fingerpaint Marketing

Ford Credit Corp.
Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Institute of Technology
Gerber Scientific Products
Habitat for Humanity
Heidelberg, USA
High Museum
Home Depot
Hyde Collection
IBM Corp
I LOVE NY Campaign
Intercontinental Hotels Group
Intercontinental Exchange
Interval International
Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
MMGY Global
Newell Brands
New York State Department of Health

New York State United Teachers
Northwestern Mutual
NY Yankees
The ORVIS Company, Inc.
Patient Experience Project
Port Authority of NY/NJ
Public Service Electric & Gas
Raytheon Company
Regents College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
The Rensselaerville Institute
Research Foundation of SUNY
Russell Athletic
The Sage Colleges
Saratoga Casino and Raceway
Seneca Indian Nation
Southern Company
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
United Technologies Corporation


At our core, we are a nimble team of intellectually-oriented, solution-driven, artistic people. We are:

Creatives. Designers. Producers. Writers. Communication Strategists. Project Managers. Editors. Thinkers. Creative Problem Solvers.

  • Thom Gonyeau
    Thom Gonyeau
  • Stephen Pruitt
    Stephen Pruitt
  • Mickey Bradley
    Mickey Bradley
    Communications Strategist, Writer
  • Ann Brandt
    Ann Brandt
    Media Manager
  • Maureen Castle
    Maureen Castle
    Senior Producer
  • Tom Gliserman
    Tom Gliserman
    Creative Director
  • Cassidy Herrold
    Cassidy Herrold
    Art Director
  • Kris Johnson
    Kris Johnson
  • Melissa Lacijan
    Melissa Lacijan
    Office Manager – New York
  • Patricia Lane
    Patricia Lane
  • Lauren Payne
    Lauren Payne
    Marketing Coordinator & Social Strategist
  • Adrianne Maros
    Adrianne Maros
    Managing Producer
  • Michael Neff
    Michael Neff
    Design Director
  • James Thiessen
    James Thiessen
    Accountant & IT Specialist
  • Jim Tusty
    Jim Tusty
    Founder & Consultant
  • Simon Umlauf
    Simon Umlauf
  • Rob DeLuke
    Rob DeLuke
    Creative Director
Thom Gonyeau

Equal parts right-brain and left-brain. Operational guru. Works with clients to solve their business needs; works with MVG employees to solve our business needs. Avid photographer, tennis player, runner, writer. Had first brush with fame at age 8, when his poem “Things That Are Beautiful” was published in Highlights magazine. Is often told he looks like Sean Penn. Doesn’t find it particularly funny when people try to pronounce the ‘h’ in his name. Has birthmark on tongue. Ran for class president in 7th grade on the slogan “Vote for Thom. He’s a bomb.” (He lost, learning his first valuable lesson in the need for effective communications.) Always on the lookout for really good breakfast food.

What I Like Best about MVG: “What we do for our customers. We dedicate ourselves to their success, and the impact of that can be astounding.”

Stephen Pruitt

Go-to guy when production challenges have been labeled “impossible” by weaker mortals. Veteran of hundreds of productions (film, video, broadcast, global, and just about anything else you can think of), despite eternally youthful appearance. Can’t live without Chinese dumplings. Mother dated Bill Clinton in high school. Needs only a fly rod and a clear mountain stream to be happy. Has shot everywhere from Greenville to Greenland. Was nearly punched by Mike Tyson for taking the last peanuts at the hotel bar in the Santa Monica Loews. Is making sure young daughters Isabel and Cora are raised with a deep appreciation of heavy metal music and French new wave cinema.

What I Like Best about MVG: “The quality of the work and the power of our collaboration.”

Mickey Bradley
Communications Strategist, Writer

Knows well over 200 different words, not including plurals. Loves a good writing challenge. Prefers short and punchy to prosaic and lyrical, but whatever – it’s up to you. Still thinks it’s cool to stay up late. Is much more Oscar than Felix. Believes that if something is worth doing, then so are five other things. Met/interviewed 573 major league baseball players in writing “Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events,” available now in a bookstore near you. Doesn’t believe in ghosts, curses, or legends. Foolproof method for curing hiccups is singing “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” by Andy Gibb (but usually would rather have the hiccups).
What I Like Best about MVG: “The broad scope of projects and clients makes this a great place to learn. Over the years I’ve become a mini-expert on everything from robots to home health care to global climate change.”

Ann Brandt
Media Manager

Maintains extensive MVG library of more than 3000 videos and films, cross indexed by company, date, and hair color of key speakers. Knows how to milk quality dubs out of a dub rack full of assorted equipment that most people would not be able to check the time on. Believes in the Aristotle line, “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.” Longest tenured MVG employee, having started in 1982. Has owned as many as four ferrets at a time. Enjoys visiting tropical islands as long as there are no pirates. Favorite songs are “Moon Shadow,” by Cat Stevens, “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright, and “Sugar Magnolia” by the Grateful Dead, cementing her reputation as a crunchy ’70s type.

What I Like Best about MVG: “A friendly atmosphere, with great and creative people working hard to do their best for our clients.”

Maureen Castle
Senior Producer

Holds deep passion for global production, fueled by a natural wanderlust. Has filmed in 16 countries on 4 continents. Taught international production at a college in Estonia. Co-directed feature documentary, The Singing Revolution. Enjoys collecting luna moths at 6 a.m. on summer mornings with her daughter. Wishes she could whistle. Favorite dining experience is sitting at kitchen counter drinking red wine over frozen pizza at 11 pm with her husband and founder of Mountain View Group, Jim Tusty. Has accidentally dropped her cell phone in the toilet three times and is thinking of starting a support group. Believes all B&Bs should serve breakfast until noon.

What I Like Best about MVG: “Smart, creative people who get things done. And good parties.”

Tom Gliserman
Creative Director

Way cooler than you. The idea man, always throwing off sparks. Combines creative direction with creative editing for a holistic approach to creative projects. Born in Canada but passes for American. Makes a mean mojito. Possesses encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, from Ozzie & Harriet to Lindsay & Britney. Genius with a gas grill and a pair of barbecue tongs. Favorite films are “Singing in the Rain” and “Harold & Maude.” Knows how to reach audiences. Believes there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure.

What I Like Best about MVG: “Finding a way to unite what we do with what a client needs, to create something truly collaborative and exciting for all of us.”

Cassidy Herrold
Art Director

InDesign. Photoshop. After Effects. Cinema 4D. Illustrator. Premiere Pro. You name it, she can use it. Articulates the project’s vision to anyone involved, from copywriters to animators. Originally studied Architecture at Georgia Tech. Self-proclaimed DIY addict. Currently restoring a 1850s farmhouse in upstate Pennsylvania with her family. Has hiked several portions of the Appalachian Trail, and plans to one day complete it. Frowns upon people who are rude to restaurant servers. Has never (ever!) broken a bone. Can’t live without her sweet dog Scout.

What I Like Best about MVG: Smart, passionate people creating memorable brand experiences.

Kris Johnson

Regards film & video production as equal parts science and art, and considers herself a scientartist. Relates to both Christiane Amanpour and Lois from “The Family Guy.” Can’t live without her pets, her husband, or Diorshow Mascara (not necessarily in that order). Co-owns avant garde record label. Thinks you should donate a little more to animal rescue groups and shelters. Doesn’t get why drive-in movies aren’t as popular as they used to be. Considers New Orleans her home away from home, even though she can’t stay up past 11 p.m. anymore.

What I Like Best about MVG: “It’s a tie between the gorgeous work and the great people.”

Melissa Lacijan
Office Manager – New York

Multi-tasker extraordinaire. Can solve a client’s needs, organize a mass mailing, greet guests, and find that file you’re looking for without ever breaking her smile. Has two tattoos, but only her husband knows where. Wishes she could play a killer electric guitar, like Joe Perry in Aerosmith. Believes most of the world’s problems can be solved with peanut butter. Has appeared in more than two dozen community theater shows as actor, dancer, director, and choreographer. Relates to the character of Lynette on Desperate Housewives, which probably can’t be an entirely good thing. All biases aside, thinks children Sophie and Henry just might be the two greatest kids EVER.

What I Like Best about MVG: “The people, of course!”

Patricia Lane

Observer, chronicler, student. Believes that the essence of producing is telling compelling, authentic stories, which just happens to be her passion. Is never without a Sharpie on a shoot. Is painfully aware of the resemblance between her name and the Beatles’ song “Penny Lane” and does not need you to sing it to her as a reminder. Prefers art to be contemporary and healing therapies to be alternative. Has been mistaken for Susan Sarandon but never, unfortunately, by Tim Robbins. Once ran into Gerald Ford in Vail and wished him a Merry Christmas and he replied, “You too!” Favorite quote is, “You better watch out, you better not cry,” though she has been known to violate both precepts.

What I Like Best About MVG: “The team, the clients, the process but mostly that moment when everything is in place and magic happens.”

Lauren Payne
Marketing Coordinator & Social Strategist

Our social media strategy expert who curates content for our social channels as well as MVG’s weekly newsletter, Links, Lauren is putting her Italian Studies minor to good use at MVG by translating scripts. She has twice the lung capacity of the average adult male. Always up for an adventure she dreams of one day speaking every language in the world. If she ruled the world, she would have a room full of chocolate that never runs out. Her biggest pet peeve is apathy, but she can’t live without waffles and friendship!
What I Like Best about MVG: “I’m a conversationalist and naturally love to be around people and the people here at MVG are easily one of the best parts about coming into work. They are always welcoming, encouraging and never shy away from a challenge.”

Adrianne Maros
Managing Producer

Mountain View’s resident alto. Knows what clients want and how to give it to them, which is why they ask for her by name. Arbiter of good taste. Once sang the national anthem at the Rose Bowl. Appeared in an off-Broadway play at age 6. Has dated a Nobel-prize-winning physicist. Really into being a great mom and thinks her kid is pretty cool. Has no tolerance for the world’s lack of tolerance, and doesn’t see this as ironic. Would love to be able to speak French, fly a plane, and sing like Queen Latifah, but would settle for any one of these.
What I Like Best about MVG: “I really like the boutique-company atmosphere with the Fortune 500 client exposure. And I’m very proud to contribute to the top-notch work we produce.”

Michael Neff
Design Director

Develops concepts, builds creative treatments, paints pictures. Has imaginary tattoo on right bicep that reads DORK. Likes to make “art stuff.” Collection of stringed instruments includes the devil’s bass (it has 666 in its serial number and is stamped with the date “Aug. 6 ’66”). Lists life in general as a pet peeve. Keeps Shimson Bichler’s “Capital as Power” unread on his Kindle and feels smarter just knowing it’s there. Can’t live without big black boots. Relates to Bruce Willis character in “12 Monkeys” because he keeps going back in time looking for something, but doesn’t know what it is.

What I Like Best about MVG: “Smart people working hard who are still able to laugh about it.”

James Thiessen
Accountant & IT Specialist

The King of Cash Flow – budgets, ledgers, that kind of thing. Keeps vendors paid on time, clients billed on time, and MVG solvent. Gives us our allowances each week, and warns us not to blow it on candy and records. Rides a motorcycle, relates to Chuck Norris, loves horror movies. Mischievous father wanted to name him Steven Howard Isaac Thiessen, for the unfortunate initials. Cites Underdog as a personal hero. Favorite quote: “You improvise. You adapt. You overcome.” (Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge)
What I Like Best about MVG: “Being able to see all the innovative and creative productions we do and taking pride in that. Plus we have a great team of people.”

Jim Tusty
Founder & Consultant

Strategist – conceptualist – visionary. Named company after vista from home office that served as initial “headquarters.” Childhood nickname was Crazylegs, after a little-known football star Crazylegs Hirsch. Spends 200+ days on the road per year. Wishes people would stand back a little from the luggage carousel so we could all get our bags more easily. Visited the New York Yankees locker room as a kid and met Mickey Mantle in his underwear. Is probably playing online poker right now. Considers Bugs Bunny a personal role model. Doesn’t understand why – after selling Mountain View to Thom and Stephen – he still has to have a profile on the website.

Simon Umlauf

MVG’s Indiana Jones: archeologist by day (great at finding that perfect, rare footage), superhero by night. Prefers a PBS Frontline documentary over any reality TV show due to his news background. Good guy to have in a foxhole, especially if there’s an editing suite in there. Favorite international hangouts: Buvda of Serbia-Montenegro, Nicaragua and Havana, Cuba. Produced an independent documentary about Cuban hip-hop and was awarded a grant to screen the film at a dozen colleges throughout the southeast. Also, an avid fan of rap music (just think of the character “Michael Bolton” in the film Office Space). Grandson of world-famous sculptor Charles Umlauf. Embraces different cultures, loves to travel, usually the only American in his crowd.

What I Like Best about MVG: “Watching a project develop from an initial need to a creative concept and then a completed film/video that the client loves.”

Rob DeLuke
Creative Director

A closet Iron Chef, Rob works to reshape corporate brands and their strategic visions for today’s corporate climate. He has created strategic campaigns for clients including SeaWorld, Hilton, Embassy Suites, GE, and Wendy’s Restaurants. Also collects robots and superhero art. Has been featured in Graphic Design USA as one of the top 50 designers in the country and one of the top creative people to watch. Coaches disabled children and runs a non-profit business. Has won over 1000 major advertising awards including Platinum Adrian’s, six One Shows, and over 30 Best of Shows worldwide. If you ever need creative advice, or you just want to borrow a pencil, he’s got a bunch of gold ones lying around his office.

View Career Opportunities
Account Manager (Atlanta, GA)

Mountain View Group is currently seeking a full-time Account Manager in our Atlanta office. We are looking for a dedicated energetic individual with a willingness to learn and work in a fast-paced environment. The Account Manager is responsible for supporting the business development team, leading the day-to-day activities of small to medium size projects, predominantly in the design, media production, and communications fields, while also helping to develop strong client relationships. If you are interested, please send your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to the email address listed below.

Responsibilities (Include but are not limited to):

  • Support agency Principals in business development activities including meetings and proposal writing
  • Manage and grow existing corporate accounts, and develop strong client relationships
  • Help define project objectives and provide actionable strategies to meet those objectives
  • Manage creative projects, budgets, schedules and client deadlines for Video Production and Design teams
  • Communicate and coordinate with creatives, clients and producers on a daily basis
  • Review creative work to ensure that it meets brand and project strategies/objectives

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with video production, branding, and graphic design project work
  • Strong account management and client relationship skills
  • Strong analytical, strategic, presentation, and writing abilities
  • Excellent client-facing and communication skills
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with different people and work styles
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office programs


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Client/Account management experience required
  • Minimum of 3 professional references
  • Beneficial technical skills: Google Analytics, Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign/Photoshop)

Job Benefits

  • Health benefits and 401k plan
  • Boutique creative agency with Fortune 100 clients
  • Inman Park/ belt-line adjacent location
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks


Want to Join our Freelance Directory?

Mountain View Group frequently uses freelance creative directors, designers, copywriters, video editors and animators depending on project volume. Please send inquiries, along with your resume, portfolio website link and current rates, to cassidy@mountainviewgroup.com



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